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Trade in

We offer a trade-in option for those that are interested in trading in their saddle(s) for something in our stock.

  • Simply contact us with details and photos (including a photo of the stamp) of your saddle(s).

  • We will let you know if and how much your saddle(s) is(are) valued as credit towards the purchase of a saddle in our stock.

  • Next step, ship your saddle to us (we can offer assistance with this process if needed):

  1. If you don't need a trial, pay the difference and ship your saddle and we will then ship your new saddle.

  2. If a trial is needed prior to the purchase of one of our saddles, you can either pay in full for the new saddle and receive a refund (the value of your trade-in saddle) once you've decided to keep the trial saddle. Or, you may send your saddle to us while trying the new saddle. If the trial saddle does not work for you, we can send an alternative saddle out to try or we can send your original saddle back to you (you will be responsible for the cost of shipping back your saddle). Please see additional information on trials under our " Trial" information page. The trade-in saddle must arrive within 7 days of the trial end period for the saddle you are purchasing.

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