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1. Why choose us:

  • Customer outstanding reputation with 5 star reviews on facebook, google and yelp. We take care of our customers. Your saddle will be stored safely and conditioned regularly with quality products. All saddles are given a thorough deep cleaning, reconditioning and are fully inspected on arrival.

  • Fast selling thanks to accurate description, professional pictures, fast reaction time and extensive advertising. We have a big customer database and will list saddle actively on relevant sources.

  • Best rate with no surprises: 18% (minimum consignment fee of $200). No additional fees, based on listing price agreed on.


2. Process:

  • Contact us with details and photos (including one of the stamp) of your saddle. We will only accept saddles on case by case basis. We will let you know how much your saddle will list for in the shop.

  • Next, ship your saddle to us (we can offer assistance with this process if needed).

  • We will condition, photograph and advertise your saddle.

  • We will let you know when your saddle is requested for a trial and when it has been purchased.

  • Finally, we will send payment via check, paypal or it can be used as credit in the store!

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